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The power of connections

Extensive applications


Infra & construction

Our versatile PowerPack is suitable for multiple users and applicable to various vehicles, machinery and equipment.

Our solution

A modular approach

The Nexus PowerPack is a Plug & Play zero-emission power system

It’s flexible, it’s efficient, it’s easy to position and install, it comes in a box, and it works for you.

All-electric drive train

Our application produces its own energy onboard. This is achieved by the PEM fuel cell technology, in which hydrogen gas and oxygen react and turn into H2O and electricity.

Compact size

We provide 200kW of power in a 10ft container footprint with 1.2m height. This is unrivalled on the market.

High energy efficiency

The fuel cell technology is not a typical ‘range extender’ or battery charger, but provides the nominal power required for your application.

We ensure that each and every kW of power produced, is actually being put to use. Now that’s efficiency. And the good thing is that this efficiency will generate immediate savings.

Inside the box

Our PowerPack generates electricity via PEM fuel cell technology and is supplemented with a battery package to generate immediate access to power, increase peak power and safeguard excess power for maximum efficiency.

Connecting Innovation. Powering the Future

About Nexus energy

By combining our application know-how with readily available components, innovative control systems and skid-based modular applications, we formed our first zero-emission system. From there, we went on to build an all-encompassing green-tech solutions company.

Big Power

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