About us

The power of connections

At Nexus Energy, we connect.

The word nexus comes from nectere, a latin verb meaning to bind. And as a result of ‘binding’ and ‘connecting’ conventional technology we have established our core business in an unconventional way.

By combining our application know-how with readily available components, innovative control systems and skid-based modular applications, we formed our first zero-emission system. From there, we went on to build an all-encompassing green-tech solutions company.

Not only do we connect the best components and industry talent, our main goal is to implant sustainability in the maritime industry and beyond, and guarantee an emission-free future.


Easy does it. The Nexus modular PowerPack is easy to lift, position, install and use.


Fun is fundamental. There’s pride and joy in making a positive impact.


The easier, the better. We bring superb technology together so the PowerPack performs at its best.

Wouter and Lars

We started Nexus Energy because we felt a strong sense of responsibility to change our beloved maritime and transport market for the better.  We have to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. It’s that simple. This has been the core of our developments. In addition, we felt that the energy transition shouldn’t feel imposed change… it should feel like improvement.

And improvement only comes when things are Easier, Better and more Fun. This is the basis of all our decision making in the development of our company.