Sound of silence

Curious about what the supply of electricity by our #hydrogenpowerpack sounds like when steady in operation? Well… like this… No harmful emissions, no noise, no stench, but it does have an interesting business case…

Thanks SMT!

Together with #RogerEnergy, we charged heavy electrical equipment from #Volvo and #Sennebogen on the site of #SMTNetherlands. We would like to thank #SMTNetherlands and all visitors for the good conversations and great insights! On to the next great projects! Would you like to see our power pack in action at your project location? Contact us!

The Eagle has landed

Our #hydrogenpowerpack has arrived in Emmeloord at the #SMTNetherlands yard. Together with #RogerEnergy we will charge electrical equipment during the introductory days on April 15th to 17th, organized by #SMTNetherlands. Feel free to drop by to view the latest electrical equipment and see how it can be charged 100% emission-free!

SMT Netherlands – Move to Zero Introductory Day

On April 15, 16 and 17, #NexusEnergy will be present at the SMT event with our #hydrogenpowerpack! SMT organizes this day to introduce its customers to various electrical equipment. And of course, a nice charging solution from #NexusEnergy should not be missing! Together with #RogerEnergy, we would like to show how working with hydrogen makes zero emissions possible. And withoutsmell and […]

Stellae Capital

We’re thrilled to have added Stellae Capital to our investors in the last round. Let’s scale this business together!

ZIE 2024

Nexus Energy was present at the ZIE event at the legendary Van Nelle fabriek in Rotterdam to tell more about our #hydrogenpowerpack Would you like to know more anout the benefits of #hydrogen and our #hydrogenpowerpack? Feel free to contact us. Looking forward to meeting you!

Dry feet

Last winter, The Regional Water Authorities in the Netherlands used (too) much electricity to combat high water levels… We hope they continue to do so, to protect our beautiful country against the water! Nexus is happy to contribute to this protection by employing our #hydrogenpowerpack. Our #hydrogenpowerpack can be used as a stand-alone energy supply, so that the […]

Highly respected audience!

Recently one of our valued partners, #Swagelok, came to visit us to see our #hydrogenpowerpack. We took the opportunity to exchange knowledge about the safe use of hydrogen and the benefits that the use of hydrogen offers our customers. Interested in visiting our #hydrogenpowerpack? Please feel freeto contact us!

Zero Emission execution in nature reserves is possible today!

The article below shows a number of challenges regarding emission-free working in nature reserves. Two of these challenges can be solved fantastically by utilizing our #hydrogenpowerpack! It concerns “the unpredictability of the charging facilities” and “the logistics of electricity to the location”. By deploying our #hydrogenpowerpack you always have access to the required electricity, without dependence on […]

Measuring is knowing

TNO recently published a report on behalf of Top Sector Logistics Connekt on the “reduction potential of the environmental and climate impact of inland shipping”. This is based on monitoring data from various inland vessels over a long period of time. Here are some confrontational conclusions:– The measurements provide values that are often a factor […]