Grid congestion

There are currently many articles passing by regarding the negative impact of grid congestion for the growth of companies. Yesterday during a very interesting meeting about emission-free construction equipment, Henry Steenbergen from Rabobank elaborated more about this subject. Grid connections can either not be delivered or can only be delivered after a long time period, which puts the brakes on the development of companies, and therefore our country. We at Nexus are quite shocked, as our country is very close to our hearts.

But fortunately, we can contribute to the possible solutions with our #hydrogenpowerpack! Our very compact plug & play power pack supplies power without the need for a mains connection and is 100% emission-free!

With our 10ft container system, in combination with a 20ft hydrogen storage container, more than 7MWh of energy is immediately available and ready to support your business today!

Curious about the opportunities of our #hydrogenpowerpack? Please feel free to contact us!