Why rely on the power grid when you don’t have to!?

As most of us know by now, the power grid in the Netherlands is overcrowded. 
There are more than 6600 registered companies here that are waiting for a connection, and it could take years. 

To solve this issue, we’ve come up with a solution – Meet the Nexus Energy #hydrogen PowerPack!

It’s a plug-and-play zero-emission power system. It’s flexible, it’s efficient, it’s easy to position and install, it’s compact and it works without connecting to the power grid.
Our application produces green electricity with the use of PEM fuel cell technology, providing the nominal power required for your application.
We ensure that each and every kW of power produced, is actually being put to use. Now that’s efficiency!! 
And the good thing is that this efficiency will generate immediate savings.

If you’re interested in breaking convention and setting a new standard for your energy consumption – contact the Nexus Energy team info@nexusenergy.nl


Link 👉  https://lnkd.in/ed8pCcM7